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infographic: CSD pros get 2x median annual wage for all workers

  • Sindhu Chennupati, PhD Student, SLP

I found it really exciting to work with bilingual families and also South-Asian families because we really connected about things culturally.

  • Jori Childs, AuD Student

icon language red

You are Multilingual.

If you speak, sign, read or write using more than one language…your skills are in demand! You can use your linguistic assets to expand access to speech-language and hearing services in your community.

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You want to serve your community.

It is important for clients to see themselves represented in their service providers. You want to represent your community and respect the values and practices of the people you serve. You are passionate about improving communication and self-advocacy skills, and you understand the need for diverse clinicians based on changing demographics—and the need for representation.

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You want a competitive salary.

Salaries and job opportunities are increasing for both audiologists and speech-language pathologists, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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You want job stability.

The need for professionals in the career is expected to grow over the coming decade. Demand for candidates who use two or more languages is high—no wonder our professions offer so much potential and so many choices.

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You want job flexibility.

CSD careers offer a diverse range of environments, extended breaks, less evening and weekend work, and ample paid leave and holidays—as well as flexible work schedules to accommodate your lifestyle.

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You have a range of talents.

You have many talents and are good at more than one thing. You can handle yourself in science, you’re great with people, and you’re intellectually curious. A career that allows you to tap into your different interests and allows you to put all your skills to work is a great fit.

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You want to make a positive difference.

Whether you provide clinical services, conduct research, supervise, or manage services, you will have the opportunity to improve others quality of life—all with empathy and compassion.

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You like to solve problems.

You like finding creative solutions to complex problems. You are a lifelong learner and enjoy being challenged—you don’t back down when facing complex issues. You want to get to the root of the problem, and you won’t stop until you’re there.

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